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1. Doctors and surgeons
1. Doctors and surgeons/医生
Becoming a doctor means running a rather crazy gauntlet. It’ll take many years of schooling just to get into a residency or entry-level job, and that alone means you need to have more grit, drive, and intelligence than the average person. For that reason, many doctors tend to have higher IQ scores.
2. College professors/大学教授
To be a professor means to profess, and you can’t do much of that without some kind of smarts. Professors typically hold high-level college degrees, and are experts in their field. To get there, you have to be a thinker, and someone who can soak up knowledge like a sponge.
3. Electrical engineers/电气工程师
Engineering isn’t an easy profession to get into, and like many other highly specialized fields, it requires a lot of education and the ability to think abstractly. That doesn’t come easy for most people, so for those in the engineering field — electrical engineering, specifically — the job tends to attract very smart applicants.
4. Lawyers/律师
Abstract thinking and the ability to recall volumes worth of information is necessary to be a good attorney, and that’s one of the reasons the average person isn’t cut out for the law profession.
5. Scientists/科学家
“Scientist” is an incredibly broad term, and in this case, is used to describe a number of professions. Scientists can work in health care, technology — almost any sector you can think of. And they all need the intelligence to solve complex problems and come to logical solutions. In other words, they need to be very smart.
6. Materials and design engineers/材料和设计工程师
Another offshoot in the engineering field, design and materials engineers need to have deep understandings of a number of subjects, including science and math. For the average person, those probably aren’t strong suits. If you want to get deep into design, a high IQ is almost certainly a prerequisite.
7. Software and IT professionals/软件和IT专业人员
In many cities, workers for big tech companies are moving in and taking over — all with higher than average salaries. In most of those cases, a higher than average intelligence is necessary to tackle the problems that tech companies are facing, like staying a step ahead of consumers’ wants and needs.
8. Sales/销售人员
This is perhaps the most surprising job on the list. You don’t necessarily need to be smart to get into sales — more ruthless and gritty, than anything. But when you think about it, being a brilliant salesperson is much easier if you’re smart.
9. Finance/金融
It’s due to the insane complexity of the financial sector that only very bright and very hungry people make it to Wall Street.
10. Real estate/房地产
Another surprising entry, real estate professionals tend to be smarter than the average bear. Real estate professionals do require a number of skills and smarts: They need to be salespeople, have the financial know-how, know a thing or two about design and engineering, and even a bit about law.